Consensual divorce is the kind of divorce case that is the shortest in terms of process, the least expensive, and the least harmful in terms of morale.

Filing a consensual divorce means ending the difficult divorce process for the spouses as soon as possible and legally ending the marriage. As can be understood, divorce is a difficult process, and in this process, spouses are experiencing financial and moral difficulties and prolongation of this process may make it difficult in social and psychological terms. The divorce process can cause psychological breakdown for spouses as well as for children. Therefore, contractual divorce benefits both spouses and children if this process is quick.

Another benefit of a consensual divorce is the reconciliation of spouses in financial matters and the termination of the marriage union without any loss of rights.

It is recommended that the persons who will open a consensual divorce case should prepare the contracted divorce protocol and petition which they should sign in order to avoid any material loss in this process through an expert divorce lawyer. In other words, the parties should have agreed on matters such as property sharing, child support, compensation and custody of the child.

Another benefit of consensual divorce is that you do not have to apply to a notary public for goods sharing (for example, the sale of a shared house). It is even possible to print the divorce protocol that you will sell the common house by hand. This will save you from notary or property costs. Compared to contentious divorces, even after divorce proceedings may take many years, the division of property may result in very short periods between spouses. More importantly, you can cut your lawyer’s costs in half with a consensual divorce.

Consensual divorce is much shorter compared to contentious divorce cases. In this sense, contentious divorce cases result in an average period of one year, while contractual divorce cases result in an average of 2 to 3 months. The short duration of the consensual divorce case allows the spouses to get over this process in a shorter time. Therefore, contractual divorce is the type of divorce that provides absolute benefit for both men and women.

Remember: the divorce process does not have to be difficult, expensive and long.


Advt. Nuray DEMIR