I’ve been watching sad video footage from different European cities for a few days. I can summarize what I’ve seen as Turkish citizens making a stand against the police and be manhandled by the police. After these images, I felt responsible for making the following statement.

As it is known, in the last three years due to the increasing incidents of terrorism in Europe, many measures have been taken under the name of NATIONAL SECURITY. In Belgium, most recently, on April 29, 2017, the Foreigners law made major arrangements against terrorism and radicalism. These measures gave powers to the police, the minister, the Foreigners Office and the courts, which contradicted the Belgian Constitution. These powers can be summarized as; Home-vehicle and person search controls, identity inquiry, taking back citizenship rights, cancellation of commercial licenses and deportation.

After these brief explanations, we recommend you as your Attorneys in Belgium; Do what the police says with a calm attitude during police checks. If possible, do not speak at all except for answering the police questions. If the police want to detain you with handcuffs, do so calmly without changing your attitude (if you do so, you will see that you will return home soon). In short, forget your problems and stress, be calm and prevent unwanted situations.