You are a Belgian citizen and you want to bring your spouse who is living in Turkey to Belgium?

You are a Belgian citizen and you want to bring your child who is living in Turkey to Belgium?

Are you a Belgian citizen and would like to bring your mother and father through family reunification? Or do your parents just want to come for a short family visit?

If you have one of these questions, the first thing you should know is that visa applications must online.

You can apply for online visas at or

The web address contains a list of required documents to suit your situation. The application form and the result document (language selection document) are also available on the same page. In order to make your application form online, you must register with your e-mail address. This step is very important for your online visa application. Because it is impossible for you to make a transaction without registering to the website where you will apply for a visa.

After you have registered to the visa application website, you must apply for an online visa. Finally, you will need to make an appointment with the nearest visa application center (Embassy of Belgium in Ankara or Consulate General of Istanbul) with the necessary supporting documents and you must submit your file to the Consulate.

In this article, I would like to explain all the details of online visa application procedures. However, both for technical reasons and because of the format of the application form, it is difficult to provide more information. However, I would like to say that it is not difficult to fill out the online visa application form. You need to have “some patience and some attention”. If, after a few attempts, you still have not reached a conclusion, I recommend that you

consult a lawyer or ask for help from a specialist institution. Because some points in the online visa application form are difficult to change by keeping your first choice.


Advt. Nuray DEMIR

DemirAslan Law Office