Take precautions…

As DemirAslan Law Office, we witness many events every day. Although the events that we witnessed are different in terms of results, we can say that many events are caused by the same reasons. Namely;

We witnessed that our clients, who demanded expert help from us, acted wrongly at the first moment of their legal problems or did not pay enough attention to the facts that could be the beginning of legal problems. In particular, we have witnessed many times that the groundwork for complex legal processes has been prepared as a result of the lack of interest or importance of very simple legal problems.

So, what should you do to avoid unwanted situations?

  • You should seek help from an expert rather than collecting information from people around you on a topic where you feel a lack of legal information. Because you can compare your own situation with a friend who has had similar problems in your environment and reach a wrong conclusion and cause a chain of unwanted events to start.
  • If you are starting a new business or planning to establish your business with a partnership structure, you should definitely get support from an expert. This is because a false start can come back to you after years of serious financial and moral damage.
  • Take any letters left in your mailbox that you do not know about the results of seriously. At least contact the place of the letter and ask for information about the results.
  • Make sure to communicate with registered and reply paid letters. Do not opt for formal, commercial negotiations without oral agreements or written records.
  • Most importantly, look for ways to access information about your country of residence in your spare time and at least read the Belgian Constitution.